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MGR- Physician Practice

1.Plans, allocates, and assigns duties and programs to the secretarial and nursing/MA staff. Monitors activities and operations to ensure that practices successfully meet objectives.
2.Supervises and coordinates that activities of all provider, secretarial and nursing/MA Staff, including medication management.
3.Assumes role of resource for all staff.
4.Monitors the responsibilities assigned to secretarial and nursing/MA staff to maintain a High level of patient care and job efficiency.
5.Standardizes procedures and initiates changes when necessary. Constantly reviews administrative and operational procedures to strive for more efficient ways to conduct business and improve patient relations.
6.Directs operations to prepare and retain records, files, reports and correspondence according to various governmental and practice standards, including patient files and administrative files. Prepares and implements a records retention and disposition program for the practice.
7.Helps establish revise and implement practice policy and operating procedures.
8.Schedules and conducts office staff meetings to inform the staff of changes in the practice’s /organization’s policies to update and educate the staff, and to resolve and prevent problems. Prepares and retains minutes of all meetings.
9.Participates in nursing/secretarial/manager meetings with other Physician Services staff. As appropriate, notifies those who are to attend.
10.Attends all Joint Commission required in-services.
11. Maintain a safe environment for healthcare workers, patients, and/or visitors complying with NLH policies and procedures; review, document and address all incidents and safety violations within area of responsibility; report all lost time due to reported work injuries within 24 hours to local HR BP or Safety contact; support and facilitate open and non-punitive communication among NLH employees, non-employed healthcare workers, patients and visitors, reporting and addressing patient and environmental safety concerns.
12. May have oversite of services that are not a direct an ambulatory care office site but has impacts on practice sites and hospital services which includes locations like a physician call center or a 24/7 switchboard.
OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Performs other related duties as assigned.
AVAILABILITY REQUIREMENTS: Must be willing to work at least 40 hours per week with flexibility required to meet deadlines. 
1.High School diploma, minimum of associates degree required or in a higher education program with bachelor’s degree preferred. Ideally should have managerial experience and demonstrates progressive leadership skills and positions in healthcare or related environments. At minimum, leadership experience is preferred (RN license required for manager position of Aroostook Cancer Care, Aroostook General and Vascular Surgery, OB/GYN & Midwifery Services and Anesthesia practice).
2.Must be computer literate in Microsoft Office, with proficiency in Word, Access, and Outlook, and intermediate level skills in Excel.
3.Must be able to work independently, organize and prioritize to meet deadlines.
4.Successful completion of general orientation.
5.Demonstrates strength in customer service and interpersonal skills.
6.Willingness to accept wide variety of duties.
7.Interest in self-development.
8.Willing to be flexible with work schedule as needed.
1.Sitting.4-7 hours/day.
2.Standing.1-4 hours/day.
3.Walking.1-2 hours/day
4.Lifting.Up to 25 lbs with good body mechanics.
5.Twisting.Moderate, 130-480 or greater twists/day.
6.Bending.Minimal, less than one bends hour/day.
7.Squatting/Kneeling.Minimal, less than one hour/day.
8.Endurance.Moderate energy requirements.
9.Wrist Position. Extensive deviation.
10.Pinching.Frequent, up to 1000 pinches per day .
11.Hand/Wrist Repetitions.Frequent, 3500-4500/day or more.
12.Manual Dexterity.Frequent fine motor skills required.
13.Either Handedness. 70%- 100% of job cycle time.
14.Both Handedness.70%-100% of job cycle time.
15.Sight.Requires corrected 20/20 near vision and minimal far vision.
16.Hearing.Can hear whispered voice at eight (8) feet (FAA class II).
17.Speech.Frequent clear speaking ability required.
18.Exposure to Infection.Minimal.

Equal Opportunity EmploymentWe are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any other legally protected status