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Healthcare Recruiter

Job Title: Recruiter
Division: All
Reports Directly To: Account Recruiting Manager, Business Development Manager, or other office
operations leader
Reports Indirectly To:
FLSA Status: Exempt Job Code: B00504
EEO Category: 3 Effective Date: 12/12/2014; Updated: 1/1/2018
Position Description:
The Recruiter sources, screens, hires, and retains qualified healthcare professionals to meet the office’s
business needs. The Recruiter develops relationships with clients, patients and referral sources to
determine open needs, successful placements, and identifies additional business opportunities.
Recruiters are responsible for building a network of qualified candidates, evaluating skills in relation to
the position requirements, negotiating compensation, overseeing the completion of onboarding
requirements, and managing active caregivers.
Recruiters are expected to be knowledgeable of industry trends globally and within their market
segment to identify top accounts, forecast opportunities, and consult with candidates. They are also
expected to share best practices and maintain and develop relationships within the industry to foster
stronger business relations.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Develops and executes recruitment strategies to attract, screen, and hire quality healthcare
professionals who meet the office’s immediate and projected needs
2. Utilizes various recruitment tools and methods to source and attract a pool of qualified and
diverse candidates
3. Matches and evaluates candidate skills to client and patient needs through screening and
4. Completes necessary reference checks on candidate’s background and work experience
5. Ensures candidates meet required hiring standards for Maxim and applicable contracts
6. Negotiates salary, terms and conditions of employment with candidates
7. Schedules caregivers and field staff for initial placement and ongoing assignments
8. Manages caregivers and field staff while on assignment (non-clinical functions); assesses and
investigates caregiver and field staff concerns and issues, and provides performance coaching,
counseling and disciplinary action when appropriate
9. Maintains regular contact to and develops relationships with active clients, patients, and referral
sources to identify current staffing needs and requirements, projected openings, and potential
new business opportunities
10. Ensures client, patient and referral source expectations are understood and met while
addressing and resolving concerns relating to customer service, caregiver or field staff
11. Documents candidate, caregiver, field staff, and client correspondence and activities within
system of record
12. Takes on-call as scheduled
13. Incorporates caregiver and field staff retention strategy into daily routine
14. Builds and cultivates relationships with industry contacts to gain industry knowledge, referrals,
and business development leads
15. Performs other duties as assigned
Minimum Requirements:
1. Undergraduate degree preferred in Business, Marketing, Management, Communications, Public
Relations, Healthcare Administration, or licensed RN
2. Must meet all federal, state, and local requirements
3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
4. Strong analytical skills
5. Results driven, sense of urgency, and high standard of professionalism
Compliance & Ethics Expectations:
• Participates and successfully completes the company’s compliance program requirements and
adheres to the Code of Conduct, Company policies, and applicable federal and state
• Sets an example for other employees regarding how the Company’s Code of Conduct and
Compliance Program is applied and observed every day when dealing with customers, business
operations, or other team members
• Reports potential violations of company policy, Code of Conduct, and/or applicable laws and
regulations to the company hotline, through the chain of command, to the Compliance and Ethics
Department, or through other channels made available by the company for reporting potential
• Promotes an environment in which other employees are encouraged to report potential
• As appropriate, provides input and suggestions regarding areas in which policies, procedures,
workflows, and/or controls can be improved to enhance compliance
Physical/Work Environment Requirements:
Job Title: Recruiter
Physical/Work Environment Requirements Rarely Occasionally Often Frequently
Sitting X
Standing X
Walking X
Lifting <10 lbs. X
Carrying <10 lbs. X
Lifting >20 lbs. X
Carrying >20 lbs. X
Lifting >50 lbs. X
Carrying >50 lbs. X
Squatting X
Bending X
Kneeling X
Reaching Overhead X
Reaching Forward X
Travel X
Rarely = 0% to 10% of the time
Occasionally = 11% to 40% of the time
Often = 41% to 70% of the time
Frequently = 71% to 100% of the time
My supervisor or authorized designee has reviewed the job responsibilities of this position with me and I
have received a copy of this job description. I fully understand the job duties and responsibilities described
herein. I acknowledge that this document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise,
and that my employment with Maxim is on an “at will” basis.
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The minimum requirements described in this document are universal unless otherwise required by law and
reflects management’s assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may
be assigned.