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Medical Professional and Staffing Positions

Medical Professional and Staffing Positions

Strategic Resources, Inc. (SRI) is seeking committed and passionate medical professionals to join our team to provide healthcare services to detainees in custody at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Health Services Corps (IHSC) detention facilities. SRI is an international, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CMMI Level 3 Rated full-service provider with more than 33 years’ experience in the Federal, military, and commercial marketplaces. To learn more about SRI, please go to

Exceptional Compensation Available

Locations of Detention Facilities
IHSC requires a broad range of medical and administrative staffing support positions to deliver high quality healthcare to detainees who are in 19 IHSC detention facilities around the U.S.  We believe everyone should have access to quality medical care and we believe in providing safe, ethical, responsive, and accountable healthcare to all detainees under IHSC’s care.  These locations include: 

Elroy ICE Medical Facility, Elroy, AZ
Berks County Family Residential Shelter, Leesport, PA
Krome ICE Medical Referral Center, Miami, FL
Folkston ICE Processing Center, Folkston, GA
Alexandria Stagging Facility, Alexandria, LA
Jena ICE Detention Facility, Jena, LA
New Jersey: 
Elizabeth ICE Medical Facility, Elizabeth, NJ
New York: 
Buffalo Federal Detention Facility, Batavia, NY
Varick ICE Stagging Facility, Varick, NY
Berks County Family Residential Shelter, Leesport, PA
El Paso ICE Medical Referral Center, El Paso, TX
Houston Contract Detention Facility, Houston, TX
Montgomery Processing Center, Conroe, TX
Pearsall South TX Detention Complex, Pearsall, TX
Port Isabel ICE Medical Facility, Los Fresnos, TX
South TX Family Residential Center, Dilley, TX
Taylor ICE Medical Facility, Taylor, TX
Caroline County Detention Facility, Bowling Green, VA
Tacoma Northwest Detention Facility, Tacoma, WA

Job Categories  
The needs at each IHSC detention facility varies based on the Government’s requirements.  In general, most facilities require the below labor categories.  We highly recommend you check the SRI Job Board and do a key word search for the job category and location that best meets your needs. Each job category has its own job description which specifies the minimum education, licensing/certification, and experience requirements.  

§  Administrative Assistant 
§  Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant - Psychiatric
§  Behavioral Health Technician 
§  Pharmacist
§  Certified Medical Assistant 
§  Pharmacy Technician 
§  Clinical Services Manager 
§  Physician Family Practice Physician 
§  Collaborating Authority – Physician 
§  Physician Pediatrician 
§  Collaborating Authority – Psychiatrist 
§  Primary Care Physician 
§  Contract Services Manager 
§  Psychiatrist 
§  Dental Assistant 
§  Psychologist 
§  Dental Hygienist 
§  Radiology Technician/Radiologic Technologist 
§  Dentist 
§  Referral Coordinator 
§  Family Practice Physician 
§  Registered Nurse
§  Licensed Vocational Nurse/Practical Nurse 
§  Registered Nurse – Assistant Nurse Manager  
§  Licensed Vocational Nurse/Practical Nurse - Immunizations
§  Registered Nurse – Immunizations 
§  Medical Assistant 
§  Registered Nurse – Nurse Manager  
§  Medical Records Technician
§  Registered Nurse – Psychiatric   
§  Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant
§  Social Worker

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email our Recruiting Team at  

SRI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Affirmative Action Employer