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Camp Towanda is a premier, co-ed, 7 week sleep-away camp for children ages 7-17. Founded in 1923, we are nestled on over 400 acres in the rolling countryside of Northeast Pennsylvania. At Camp Towanda, we provide a well-rounded experience for our campers and staff in a nurturing, safe environment with endless opportunities for them to try new things and feel great about themselves! Our program offers professional instruction in all land and water sports, fine arts, theatre, STEM, nature and adventure.

We are looking for outgoing, hardworking and high energy individuals. We offer many types of positions from Sports Instructors, Coaches and Activity Specialists, General Counselors, Group Leaders, Department Heads, Nurses, Student Nurses, Doctors to Kitchen, Maintenance and Support Staff! We also integrate internships into the work experience to help further build your resume on top of the worthwhile experience of being a counselor.

We attract down-to-earth, friendly and spirited campers, families and staff. There are close to 450 campers and we hire approx. 300 staff from over 30 countries and all across the USA. When you work at Camp Towanda, you make a real difference in camper’s lives, while building your resume and career-building skills (leadership, work-ethic, public speaking, management, responsibility and more ) with the support of our dedicated Senior Staff and Directors. The job of a counselor is multi-faceted; your spirit, creativity and leadership is paramount. When at camp, it is a 24-hour job as you are living and working at the same place. Flexibility, responsibility and stamina are key attributes to succeeding at camp. Working with kids is a challenging job, but one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

When you work at Camp Towanda, it’s so much more than a summer job- it’s a community and network that will change your life. Thank you for considering Camp Towanda for your best summer job experience yet!

Check out our website for more info, including our Virtual Tour and videos!

All meals, room and board, laundry and travel reimbursement are provided with scheduled time off. We are located less than 2 ½ hours away from New York City and Philadelphia.

Competitive salary, room and board, all meals included, travel reimbursement
Paid Internships Available

Job Requirements:
-Available mid-June thru mid-August (some department orientations begin early June)
-Qualified references
-Great with children
-Strong work ethic
-Desire to have fun and make a difference!
-Sophomore in college or later. Our ideal candidate is 21 or older by the time Camp starts. However, if you believe you have exceptional skills and you stand out from the rest, please feel free to apply.


General Counselor

June 2023 Honesdale, PA
“I absolutely love everything, from working with co-counselors to making connections to last a lifetime! I love getting to know the kids and making connections with not only them but co-counselors and other staff members as well. The environment is like nothing before, you can feel the energy the moment you walk on to campus. ”

General Counselor

June 2022 - August 2022 Honesdale, PA
“Having the ability to meet many people from different walks of life, ethnicities, etc... makes for an enriching experience when bonding with the children you are in charge of, and by the end of it all, you WILL miss them. ”
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How did studying Psychology help to prepare you for your job as a General Counselor at Camp Towanda?

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Interview +2
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