Messer Construction Co.

About Messer Construction Co.

Messer Construction Co. is a construction manager and general contractor that provides leadership for complex commercial building projects. An employee-owned company, Messer builds better lives for its customers, communities and employees, and delivers value through quality construction and client experiences. Founded in 1932, Messer's footprint has grown to ten regional offices located across the Midwest and Southeast: Raleigh, Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton Ohio; Louisville and Lexington Kentucky; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee.


Project Engineer

May 2021 - August 2021 Charlotte, NC
“I connected with a number of professionals. There was something to learn from everyone that I met. From Project managers, project executives, project engineers, foreman's, subcontractors, interns, etc. ”

Building Systems Group Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Nashville, TN
“The project team I worked with was great. They were able to see early on that they could trust me with time management and complex tasks. I was given lots of responsibility early on and was able to help the team meet crucial deadlines and our pass state inspections.”
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