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Volunteer Coordinator for a Peruvian NGO

If you're a people-person who is organised, hard-working and keen to gain an insight into the world of NGOs, then the Volunteer Coordinator role is the perfect position for you! In this position, you'll manage the group of volunteers within the organization during their time with us, helping new volunteers to settle into Huanchaco and monitoring their well-being throughout their stay. 

The role of Volunteer Coordinator is a very important one within our volunteering organisation. We value our volunteers very highly and want to be able to offer them the best possible experience whilst working with us. Adjusting to the cultural differences and getting settled into the projects can be a challenge for first-time volunteers or those who are new to travel. To help with this adjustment it is important to create a strong community, to reassure the volunteers and help them feel welcome, safe and integrated in our organisation, the community, and amongst each other. You will be responsible for overseeing their health, well-being and integration, liaising with our management team to address any and all potential issues.

The position is a fantastic opportunity for students undertaking a year abroad or for those seeking entry-level work experience after graduation. 

For students, all volunteer positions are available as internships, which is ideal for students looking to complete a year in industry/placement abroad. In this case, you will receive an extra level of mentorship and all appropriate communication with your academic institution to ensure compliance with internship placement requirements. 

  • Meet and greet new volunteers by doing airport/bus station pickups. This means you will be the first face of OCN for most incoming volunteers.
  • Inductions and Walking Tours to new volunteers to familiarise them with the organisation and the town of Huanchaco.
  • Ensure that all volunteers complete the online safeguarding and first aid training. 
  • Work closely with the Recruitment Coordinator and assist them when needed
  • If fluent in Spanish and if necessary, help with accompanying/supporting volunteers if they need to go the doctors/hospital/police, etc.
  • Arrange the weekly volunteer lunch (communicating with restaurants and potentially taking orders from other staff and volunteers)
  • Assist the manager with arranging one casual gathering per week (e.g. dinner, volleyball, Spanish night, Chan Chan)
  • Assist other office staff with general administration tasks
  • Give certificates of completion to volunteers leaving OCN.
Housing tasks: 
  • Purchasing and refilling toilet paper, soap, rags, and water jugs
  • Ensure that all house rules are enforced, including enforcing the 10pm/12pm quiet hours
  • Help prepare rooms at the Volunteer House for incoming volunteers

What you can expect when interning with us:

  • Personal pick-up upon arriving and walking tour through Huanchaco
  • Help with organising accommodation for your time in Huanchaco
  • A thorough introduction to the organization 
  • Certified training in First Aid and Child Safeguarding.
  • 2 days holiday per month
  • 24/7 emergency support 
  • Organized activities (barbeques, game nights, volunteer lunch etc.)
  • Certificate of completion detailing your role, the project(s) you participated in and the dates you volunteered in.


  • Age 18+ on arrival
  • Current background check from your home country.
  • English and Spanish: Minimum intermediate level*
  • Currently studying/completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a relevant subject desirable but not essential
  • Previous experience or knowledge within development studies, social work, psychology or communications is desirable but not essential.
  • Excellent communication/ conflict resolution/ interpersonal skills.
  • Experience in working with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Mature and positive attitude with a good sense of humour!
  • Hard-working and enthusiastic.

*If you want to improve your Spanish, we can arrange Spanish classes for you in advance (by Skype) or during your stay.

Time commitment:
Placements can last from 6-12 months, giving you the flexibility to choose between spending a full year/academic year with us, or just one semester. This makes our opportunities ideal for students looking to gain professional experience during a year in industry or language-based placement abroad.

Generally 30-35 hours per week, Mon-Fri.

Long-term volunteers are preferred, so that you have a chance to really get to know the community and get comfortable in your role. 

Typical day:

There is a lot of variety in this role. When a new volunteer arrives, you will be responsible for picking them up from the local bus station or airport and helping them settle in in their new accommodation. We have a number of trusted local taxi drivers who will provide transport for the pick-up. When they have unpacked and had a chance to rest, you will give them a brief walking tour of Huanchaco, highlighting key points of interest such as the ATM, clinic, market, and tsunami evacuation point. You will also conduct the initial induction presentation and assist them in accessing the required first aid and Child Safeguarding Training.

You will also introduce them to the relevant supervisor(s) who they will work with for the duration of their placement. Sometimes volunteer pick-ups may be during unsociable hours (weekends/early mornings/late at night), but the majority of your working hours will be between 9-5, Monday to Friday. Most days will be spent working in the office on various administrative tasks, such as updating relevant induction materials, organising volunteer accommodation, and liaising with the Recruitment Coordinator and marketing team to discuss volunteer recruitment and role allocation.

After work, there is plenty of time to catch one of Huanchaco’s world-famous sunsets from the tranquillity of the beach, or indeed from a surfboard. Then there are various options to fill your evening, socializing with local and other volunteers, sampling the famous Peruvian cuisine, attending talks and cultural events, music, dance, theatre, movies- the list is endless.

Inquiries and Applications:

To make an application, please visit our website at or contact us at for further information.