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Paid Entrepreneurship Intern

My name is Chris Koerner and I live in the DFW area of Texas. I'm the owner of Mining Syndicate and CoFounders and am a lifelong serial entrepreneur. I have started and/or sold multiple businesses in the 6-8 figure range across several industries. I love starting and growing businesses, and I'm pretty good at it. I'm happily married with 4 young kids.

I currently run 4 companies that I started, and I need help with a little bit of everything. A little about the 4 companies I'm running right now:

  • - We are an incubator for helping college students start companies. That's what you're reading about now!
  • Mining Syndicate - We have done $17m in sales in our first 11 months and there are 10 FT employees. We sell Bitcoin miners and hosting packages and are building our own software.
  • Texas Snax - We are the exclusive seller of Buc-ee's products online. We launched 2 years ago and are growing like crazy. 6 FT employees in a 10k sqft warehouse.
  • Fast Tree Care - A tree care company here in DFW growing hand over fist! And who is running it? Someone who applied to this job, just like you!

My skill is in generating ideas and then launching them almost immediately. But with 4 kids and 4 businesses, I am out of time. I want to scale myself with your help.

Who am I looking for?

People with inherent entrepreneurial drive and motivation. Someone who is a little wacky and willing to experiment with unconventional marketing techniques. Someone that knows their way around a spreadsheet. Someone who obsesses over ideas and and has a default setting for action. If you were that kid starting side hustles in high school, you're probably exactly what I'm looking for. If you want something predictable then this isn't for you.

What will you be working on?

All things growth hacking, marketing, software, spreadsheets, learning, A/B testing, etc. I want to show you a little bit of everything I know and then mentor you as you run with it.

Why should you be interested?

Because this experience will change your life. You know what won't? Sitting in a cubicle from 9-5 making pivot tables, looking forward to pizza day and hoping for an 8% raise. We provide revenue sharing in these startup opportunities and eventually real equity. I'll also fund them all. You bring the drive and willingness to learn and I'll provide the tools you need to succeed. It physically pains me to have awesome opportunities with no time to launch. You'll help remove that pain from my life.

What I care about?

In this order: Family, faith, friends and business. I run ultramarathons and do kinda crazy things. I have lots of stories. I'm also an introvert.

I can guarantee there's no other job like this on Handshake. This is an incubator where dozens of bright young minds growth hack their way to success after success and we all make good money together and have tons of fun in the process. You're less applying to work for a company and more applying to work directly with me on multiple random projects. Some will fail, some we'll abandon, some will do ok, and some will crush it. All of them we'll learn on.

"Ok, this sounds cool, but will I get paid?"

Of course. This is not a commission only based sales job. I'm flexible. Do you want a flat pay? Sure. Revenue share? Sure. Equity? If you earn it. A combo of all of the above? Of course. If you're a rockstar you're worth all of the above, so I don't care what it costs. If you're a rockstar we'll both make a ton.

Please fill out this application if interested. Or you can apply here on Handshake as well. Thanks!