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Food & Beverage Internships

The internship program experience combines Cedar Point’s business needs with college level internship requirements. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to grow and learn in the hospitality and amusement park tourism industry through hands-on exposure to day-to-day operational tasks within your assigned Division. You will be responsible for providing excellent guest service and utilizing leadership skills while collaborating on group projects to ensure a successful operation.


All Food and Beverage interns are required to complete ServSafe Food Protection Manager and ServSafe Alcohol as part of internship program. Course Key and Testing provided upon arrival.


  • Catering & Special Events Internship – Preferred Majors: Event Planning, Hospitality, Business, Operations, Marketing, Food Science.

Interns are responsible for the supervision of the Food & Beverage Catering Operation, including event planning, set-up, and execution. Other opportunities include generating weekly banquet event orders, associate schedules, and placement lists. Ideal candidates can train, motivate, and guide a team of 50+ associates as well as monitor financial, such as inventory and food and labor costs.


Culinary Arts InternshipPreferred Majors: Food Science, Culinary, Hospitality.

Interns will have the opportunity to work in multiple kitchens across the park, varying in size, style, and complexity. Interns will be mentored by restaurant managers and chefs to execute at a high level. This experience incorporates exposure to all aspects of kitchen operations -- safety and sanitation, inventory management, and menu engineering and costing. Ideal candidates possess a passion for fine foods and desserts, a willingness to learn, and high standards for professionalism.


Food & Beverage Analyst Internship Preferred Majors: Finance and Accounting.

Interns are responsible for monitoring revenue and loss prevention and drafting daily financial and forecast reports for the Food & Beverage Management Team. Interns will have the opportunity to work closely with Finance, Revenue & Accounting, and Loss Prevention Teams to endure company assets are protected and proper protocol is followed. Ideal candidates are organized and able to work independently.


Food & Beverage Education InternshipPreferred Majors: Business Administration, Communication, Education, Human Resources, Operations

Interns are responsible for leading the Food & Beverage Education Program, including orientation, hands - on POS training, and safety and sanitation training. Additionally, Interns are responsible for ensuring stats, local and company compliance regarding training documentation and equipment and will communicate this information to Food & Beverage Management via database maintenance. Interns will gain experience in public speaking, data entry, and information systems.


Food & Beverage Payroll, Compliance, and HR Internship Preferred Majors: Human Resources, Food Science, Business Management Operations, Communications.

Interns are responsible for the oversigh of the staff management functions of the Food & Beverage Division, including hiring, staffing, orientation, training, coaching, counseling, scheduling, payroll, incentives, and other associate management functions. Additionally, Interns will gain knowledge and experience in a variety of HRIS systems, compliance functions, and the BridgeUSA J-1 Visa program. Ideal candidates are proficient in Microsoft Excel.


Food Safety & Sanitation Auditing Internship Preferred Major: Food Science.

Interns will gain knowledge of state, local and company guidelines regarding restaurant safety and sanitation requirements. Interns have the opportunity to complete-safety and sanitation inspections on all food locations and compile reports for management and company executives. They will also work closely with management to determine critical control points and complete corrective actions for violations. Additionally, Interns will assist in instructing divisional training classes, including orientation and POS training. Ideal candidates demonstrate a basic knowledge of state food health guidelines and practices. 


Pastry Arts InternshipPreferred Majors: Food Science, Culinary, Hospitality.

Interns will work directly with Cedar Point's Pastry Chef in our state-of-the-art Pastry Kitchen. They will learn all aspects of baking and pastry operations, including proper weights and measures, breads, pastries and other desserts. Interns can expect to gain knowledge and experience with safety and sanitation, inventory  management, and product distribution. Ideal candidates possess a passion for fine foods and desserts, willingness to learn, and high standards for professionalism.


Restaurant Operations Management InternshipPreferred Majors:  Business Management, Food Science, Hospitality

Interns gain hands-on experience assisting in the oversight of our restaurants and quick service establishments, including crew-serve, food stands, and associate dining. Ideal candidates possess the ability to train, guide and motivate associates to achieve divisional goals. Training is provided to ensure a well-rounded understanding of both Front of House and Back of House operations. Other responsibilities include maintaining appropriate cost and labor levels, completing weekly inventory, and ordering product.


Supply Chain Management Internship – Preferred Majors: Supply Chain Management and Operations Management.

Interns are responsible for leading the Food & Beverage Warehouse Team, which includes order management, forecasting supplies, and maintaining our inventory management software. They will have the opportunity to manage inventory, involving completing physical counts, conducting park-wide variance reporting, and finalizing inventories for all Food & Beverage locations. Ideal candidates have data entry and logistics experience.


Food & Beverage Facility & Equipments Management Internship – Preferred Majors: Supply Chain Management and Operations Management

Interns are responsible for maintaining equipment used park wide by the Food & Beverage Division, which will include frequent equipment evaluations and communications with Food & Beverage Management, Cedar Point's Maintenance Team, and third party manufacturers. Interns will also have the opportunity to inventory current equipment and work with Food & Beverage Management to determine equipment delegation, storage and end-of-life processes. Ideal candidates are organized, demonstrate strong communication skills, and have previous experience with equipment maintenance.


Beverage Management Internship -- Preferred Majors: Supply Chain Management and Operations Management.

Interns are responsible for auditing park-wide beverage production and sales to ensure Cedar Point's compliance with local, state and national alcohol laws and best practices. Interns will also gain experience managing the inventory and production of hand-crafted beverages offered park wide and will maintain communication directly with Food & Beverage Management regarding the status of these responsibilities. Additionally, Interns will have the opportunity to earn a ServSafe Alcohol Certification.