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LP Data Governance Analyst Intern

Job Description


Position Summary:

The main objective of this position is to build a data catalog that consolidates product data metadata from various sources such as documents, spreadsheets, and databases. By organizing and structuring this information, the data catalog will enable efficient data process development, data retrieval, analysis, and reporting, leading to improved decision-making and operational effectiveness.

Key Responsibilities:

· Document Analysis: Review and analyze existing documents and data sources containing product information to identify key metadata elements such as data owner, lineage (who creates it and where, where it is stored, moved to, accessed, etc.), what it’s called in our different systems, and other related attributes.

· Metadata Standardization: Use a standardized set of metadata fields and attributes based on industry standard processes and company requirements. This will ensure consistency and uniformity in data representation throughout the catalog and across businesses.

· Data Catalog Development: Apply a suitable data catalog platform such as the Thermo Fisher catalog Alation to create a centralized repository for storing and organizing the assembled product data metadata. Implement necessary data validation and quality checks to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

· Integration and Accessibility: Recommend integration mechanisms with existing data management systems to enable seamless data flow and updates between the data catalog and other systems. Develop user-friendly interfaces to facilitate easy access and retrieval of product information for stakeholders.

· Documentation and Training: Document the data catalog's operational procedures to provide comprehensive guidelines for future maintenance and expansion. Conduct training sessions for relevant teams to familiarize them with the data catalog's functionality and usage.



Education and Experienced Required

· Bachelor’s degree (data science would be ideal but not required).

Key Skills, Abilities

· Strong Excel skills: Proficient with V-lookups, pivot tables, formulas, macros, charts.

· Proficient in MS Office, Outlook, etc.

· Energetic and able to manage data with the right attention to the details.

· Good interpersonal skills

· Strong written and verbal communication skills with a positive, patient, and professional demeanor.

· Strong time management, organizational and analytical skills

· Ability to work independently and as a member of a multi-functional team.

· Willingness to learn, be mentored, and improve.